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How To Care For 4C Hair?

How To Care For 4C Hair?

We often get asked the question how to care for our 4c hair kinky clip-in extensions. We can tell you that it is not that much different from caring for your own 4c hair!

Out of all the curl patterns we carry, our 4c kinky hair has the tightest texture. The hair strands are curled in very tight s-patterns, sometimes barely noticeable. Just like other curl types, 4c hair comes in different densities and porosity levels. Yet, 4c hair has a few typical characteristics that make it stand out from the curl pack.

  • 4c hair doesn’t maintain moisture easily and dries out quickly, more so than other looser curl patterns.
  • 4c hair is prone to a fair amount of shrinkage. 4c hair often shrinks up to 75%. 
  • 4c hair is subject to tangling and matting, if not properly taken care of.
  • 4c hair is very delicate and breaks easily.

So what is the best way to go about maintaining 4c hair and bringing out its beautiful qualities? Let’s go through these 5 great tips!



It is important to keep your scalp clean and healthy, but don’t wash your 4c hair with shampoo too often. It is perfectly fine to leave 2-4 weeks between every cleanse. Don’t use shampoo that contains sulfates and alternate between washing your hair with a conditioner and a sulfate-free shampoo. You should always wash your hair in small sections to minimize tangling as much as possible. 



4c hair does not maintain moisture very well, yet ironically it is the curl pattern that needs moisture the most. The tight kinks in 4c hair prevent the flow of sebum through the hair. You need a good moisturizer, that caters specifically to 4c hair. These moisturizers are often thicker than regular moisturizers. When your hair is properly moisturized, you need to seal in the moisture with a good sealant like coconut oil, avocado oil or shea butter. Even when you wear a protective style, like our kinky hair extensions, you need to moisturize regularly. This goes for your own natural hair as well as the kinky clip-ins. 



4c hair needs to be regularly detangled, as tedious as this can sometimes be. It has a very tight curl pattern and this causes the hair to tangle much quicker than other textures. If you don’t take this seriously, your hair will matt and break. Detangling 4c hair is a gentle process. It’s best to use your fingers and run your fingers softly through damp hair. Use a conditioner with lots of slip to help you with this. When you bump into knots, don’t yank on the hair. Use your fingers to gently pull out the hair strands from the knot. When you are done finger detangling, you can use a wide tooth comb to run through your hair once more. 



4c hair loves a good deep conditioning! We advise you to deep condition your hair weekly and do a hot oil treatment right after to seal in the moisture. Use a thick deep conditioner to keep your kinks healthy and shiny. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is our favourite oil to use for a hot oil treatment. Just heat the oil in the microwave, but make sure it is a decent temperature before you pour it over your hair and scalp. Place a shower cap and and a towel over your hair. Let it sit and watch the magic happen. 



Avoid overstyling 4c hair and just appreciate it’s natural beauty. If you want to do something different with your hair, it is easiest to do a protective style. Styling 4c hair excessively can lead to breakage as its very fragile. You can always get yourself clip-in extensions if you feel like switching it up!

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