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We're here to help you, both before and after your purchase! If you have any questions, please drop us a line via We respond within 24 hours. You can also check our FAQ to see what other HeyCurls members want to know!


What is your return & exchange policy?

You can return your HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions back within 30 days, as long as your clip-in hair extensions are still tied, unworn and unaltered. As soon as you cut the elastic band, we cannot offer any refunds. Please send an email to to initiate a return.

How long does shipping take and what does it cost?

United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany FREE 1-3 business days
Rest of Europe
3-6 business days
United States & Canada
6-10 business days
Rest of the World €15 10-15 business days

For more information visit our Shipping & Delivery page.

Can I colour or straighten my natural clip-in extensions?

Yes you can! Just like your own natural hair, HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions can be washed, blow-dried, straightened and coloured. However, please bare in mind that, just like your own natural hair, our natural hair extensions are susceptible to heat damage and loss of curl pattern due to heat. We recommend using a heat protectant at all times and avoiding excessive use of straightening tools. Colouring your natural hair extensions should be done cautiously. Just like your own natural hair, colouring can weaken the hair cuticle and alter the curl pattern. If you decide to colour your clip-in extensions, be sure to deep-condition regularly and use moisturizing hair products on your hair extensions.

How many sets HeyCurls clip-in extensions do I need?

HeyCurls clip-in extensions come in a set of 7 pieces of 120 gram. If you just want extra volume and you are planning to wear your clip-in hair extensions in between your own natural hair, 1 set is enough. If you are planning to use the clip-in extensions as a protective style and braid your own hair away or want to add considerable length to your own hair, we recommend purchasing 2 sets.

How long will my natural hair extensions last?

HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions are manufactured with great care. The longevity of your clip-in hair extensions depends on the love and care you provide. With proper moisturizing and care, you should be able to enjoy your natural hair extensions for a very long time. They usually last between 6 months to 1 year or even longer. You receive a care instruction card, with every purchase, with instructions on how to maintain your HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions.
For more frequently asked questions by the HeyCurls community visit our FAQ page!