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Frequently Asked Questions

HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions can be straightened and coloured. However, please bear in mind that, just with your own hair, when not done correctly you can damage the natural hair extensions. Colouring your hair extensions may weaken the hair strands and alter the curl pattern. We recommend going to a professional colourist / hair stylist that is familiar with colouring curly and kinky hair. HeyCurls extensions are steam processed to create each curl pattern. Lifting the hair with high volumes of developer to extremely light colours can damage the hair strands. Colouring is always done at the discretion of the customer. HeyCurls cannot be held responsible for any damage done to the hair texture as a result of colouring.

HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions are manufactured with considerable care and the hair we use is of great quality. The longevity of your clip-in hair extensions depends on the love and care you provide, the type of products you use on them, and how often you wear them. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy your natural hair extensions for a very long time. Usually, they last 6 months to 1 year or even longer. You receive a care instruction card, with every purchase, with instructions on how to maintain your HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions.

At the moment, we offer 4 types of natural textures. We gave them cute little names like HeySpirals, HeyCurls, HeyCoils and HeyKinks. HeySpirals best match 3a-3b type curls. The curls have a broad s-pattern and the strands are very loosely packed together. HeyCurls best match 3b-3c type curls. The curls have an s-pattern and the strands are loosely packed together. HeyCoils best match 3c-4a type coils. The coils have a tight s-pattern and the strands are moderately packed together. HeyKinks best match 4b-4c type kinks. The kinks have a tight z-pattern and the strands are densely packed together.

First, check the images we have on our product pages. If you are unsure, take a picture of one strand of your hair and compare it to the blown-up hair strand images we have on our product pages. If you still have doubts, drop us an email and we are going to sort you out!

You should order the texture that matches the hair you are planning to leave out.

They come in a natural black / dark brown color. You will occasionally find a few grey hairs in the strands as we do not pre-colour the hair.

HeyCurls clip-in extensions come in a set of 7 pieces of an approximate total weight of 125g to 145g, depending on the length. If you are just looking to add volume and using the HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions in between your own hair, 1 set is enough. If you are planning to braid your hair away and use our HeyCurls clip-in hair extensions as a protective style, or if you want to add considerable length, we recommend 2 sets.

Care and maintenance tips are included when you place an order.

It depends on which country you live in. Please see our Shipping & Delivery section for approximate arrival times.