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How to Stop Natural Hair Breakage

How to Stop Natural Hair Breakage

You want healthy natural hair and you would love for it to be a certain length. Most of us know, this is not an easy task. Growing out your natural hair takes time, which means you need patience... It is the answer often offered, but can be painful to your ears as you go through periods of breakage and shedding. 

We know natural hair is more prone to shedding and breakage, due to its tangling nature. How can you reduce this as much as possible? Today, we are going to break it down to you and give you our five best methods to prevent your natural hair from breaking. 



  1. Stop drying your natural hair with towels

Yes you heard us right. We know it’s tempting, but stop-doing-it! When natural hair is wet, it’s at its most vulnerable. Rubbing your hair with a dry cotton towel can be very catastrophic. The harsh fibres snag and pull on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle and prone to breakage. Use a microfibre towel or use a t-shirt. It’s really that simple. 



  1. Stop using heat on your natural hair

You knew we were going to say this as well right? Well for the people in the back, stop using heat on your natural hair! Heat is the root cause of natural hair breakage. Direct heat such as heat coming from blow dryers and straightening tools strip your natural hair from moisture, cause split ends and damage your cuticle, which ultimately leads to breakage of your natural hair.



  1. Use your fingers to detangle your natural hair

Finger detangling can be a pretty tedious and not to say loooong task. It is the way to go though, if you want to treat your natural hair as gently as possible. Using your fingers to take knots out, means less stress on your natural hair and thus less breakage. It takes some time to get used to in the beginning, but it is a nice Sunday afternoon task, while you watch your favourite shows on Netflix. 



  1. Wear protective styles more often

Less manipulation is less breakage. By wearing your hair in a protective style, you give your natural hair her much needed beauty nap and a safe space to grow, without much interruption. These days there are ample of protective styles to choose from. Go for bohemian marley twists, edgy cornrows or the ever flexible natural hair clip-in extensions if you want to keep a similar look to your own natural hair. 



  1. Do not wash your hair with shampoo regularly. 

Shampoo is kind of the archenemy of natural hair. Yes, shampoo cleans your hair, but it also has the superpower to strip your hair from its vital nutrients, leaving it dry and brittle. Wash your natural hair with a shampoo only once a month. Uhmm, is that really enough? Yes it is. You can wash your natural hair in between with a conditioner to keep your hair clean, but still retain the nutrients and oils your natural hair loves so much.