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Les Extensions de Cheveux à Clip HeyCoils

217 reviews
  • Se marient parfaitement avec les cheveux bouclés frisées de type 3c-4a.
  • 7 pièces /120 grammes.
  • Cheveux humains vierges à 100%.
  • Seulement disponible en couleur noire/marron foncé naturelle.
  • Peuvent être lavés, séchés au sèche-cheveux et colorés.
Détails du produit

Les extensions de cheveux à clips HeyCoils sont des extensions de cheveux à clips pour cheveux naturels. Leur traitement unique à la vapeur leur permet de se marier parfaitement avec les types de boucles frisées 3c-4a.

Les extensions de cheveux à clips HeyCoils sont incroyablement simples et rapides à utiliser et ajoutent de la longueur à vos propres cheveux naturels en l’espace de quelques minutes.

Les boucles à attacher sont de couleur naturelle noire (1b-2) et sont livrées dans un paquet composé de 7 pièces de 120 grammes.

Les extensions de cheveux à clips HeyCoils sont fabriquées à base de cheveux humains vierges à 100%. Les boucles à attacher sont fournies en trois longueurs différentes : 12 pouces, 16 pouces ou 20 pouces.

Longueur mesurée raides

12 pouces

16 pouces

20 pouces

Longueur mesurée bouclés

6 pouces

10 pouces

14 pouces

Nos cheveux peuvent être lissés au fer à lisser, séchés au sèche-cheveux et colorés.

Le coiffage à chaud ainsi que la coloration de vos extensions de cheveux peuvent fragiliser les mèches et altérer la forme des boucles. Nous vous recommandons de faire appel à un coloriste ou à un coiffeur spécialisé dans le coiffage à chaud et la coloration des cheveux bouclés et crépus. Le coiffage à chaud et/ou la coloration doivent toujours être réalisés à la discrétion du client.

Si vous souhaitez juste ajouter du volume à vos cheveux naturels et planifiez de laisser vos cheveux libres, 1 paquet est suffisant. Si vous prévoyez de tresser vos cheveux naturels ou si vous voulez leur ajouter une longueur considérable, nous vous recommandons deux paquets de nos extensions de cheveux à clip HeyCoils.

La livraison en France est gratuite. Le délai de livraison est de 3 à 4 jours ouvrables.
We take all hair extensions back that are still tied and unworn within 30 days. Just send us an email at and we will issue you a return form!
Comment les utiliser
Each set contains 7 pieces with different widths. There is one piece with 4 clips, two pieces with 3 clips, two pieces with 2 clips and two pieces with 1 clip.

This is the order we like to place the natural hair clip-ins. Start with the piece with 2 clips and place this one at the bottom of your head. Then place a piece with 3 clips above it. Then place a piece with 4 clips above that one. Finish with a piece with 3 clips on your crown. This leaves you with 2 pieces with each 1 clip and 1 clip with 2 clips, which you can place on the side of your head, right above your temples. You’ll achieve a full and natural look this way. It is that easy!

Styled in real life

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    Émilie K.
    Germany Germany
    I recommend this product
    Looks awesome!

    The clips were really easy to use and friends who saw me with them even thought it was my real hair. With the lockdown it's not easy to find motivation to wear them just to stay home, but I'll definitely wear them regularly in the future!

    HeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions Review
    Kimberly C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    At first I was disappointed after washing the hair and only putting in leave in conditioner, but once I put some gel in the hair what a difference, and it matched perfectly with my hair.

    HeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions Review
    Lydia T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    I recommend this product
    Loving my HeyCurls Clipins

    Hello from the UK I have natural curly/ coily hair and love wearing my natural but at times I felt that I wanted more length and even extra volume in my hair. I struggled to find a company that made natural hair extensions that matched my hair texture but were also good quality. Then I came across HeyCurls on Instagram and after studying my hair type and reading the advice on the website I made a purchase. When my clips in arrived I was so pleased with guidance given on how to maintain the clip-ins and found all the information very informative. I love this hair and I’m so pleased with the results. I have had so many compliments. During the pandemic this has really made me feel good and given me a boost of confidence again. Thanks so much Lydia

    HeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions ReviewHeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions Review
    Germany Germany
    I recommend this product
    I adore them!

    I've always been a fan of long hair but extensions are often limited to straight styles. After spending the past few years relaxing my hair, I finally decided to go through with the big chop and return to my natural curly texture. While I was excited to see my curls again, I was worried I would feel limited in my styling options and by the length of my hair. Cue: HeyCoils! I absolutely adore them! The quality is great, they blend wonderfully with my natural curl pattern and color (I can leave out my natural hair and you can’t tell), and I can style and care for them as I would with my natural hair. Thank you HeyCurls for creating a product that makes me proud to highlight the beauty of my natural hair, instead of changing it!

    HeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions Review

    Thank you so much for the review Noelle! It is so very much appreciated!!!

    Malaika M.
    FI FI

    I've always dreamed of having long curly hair, but my hair just won't grow past a certain lenght (I'm sure many sisters can relate). You guys are seriously MVP for bringing these affordable curly extensions on the market <3 I got mine in 20 inch, but I'm planning to get another set of 16 inch to add more volume and layer. Can definitely recommend you guys, thank you! <3

    HeyCurls HeyCoils Clip-in Hair Extensions Review