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Dear Curls with Safia

Dear Curls with Safia

Dear Curls Safia IG


"The general mood of my hair is Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange. I think her lyrics make so much sense, because our hair really tells a story."

"My curls are really not just my curls. It is also about the frustrations I had, because my hair wasn’t straight and the fact that we live in a world where mainly white women and straight hair are represented."

"Then there was a moment where I thought no, I won’t fight nature all the time and I am going to embrace my hair just as it is. Beauty is what you make of it. Feeling beautiful is empowering yourself to behave like you want, to believe in yourself and to fully express yourself."


Dear Curls is our IGTV series, where we interview women of colour about their experiences with their natural hair. Check out all the Dear Curls episodes on our IGTV @heycurls_com

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