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6 Hacks To Keep Your Edges Thriving

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Your edges, those soft, feathery baby hairs that grow along your hairline and frame your face,  are the most fragile hairs on your scalp. It doesn’t take much for them to shed or for you to tug them out. That’s why it is important, you take great care of them. This means extra TLC when you wash, condition and style your hair. If you have thinning or very damaged edges, stay with us and we will take you through some tips! 

Use a Silk Headscarf or Satin Pillowcase

Sleep with a silk head scarf or on a satin pillowcase. Cotton will only suck moisture from your edges and the friction will snag at them. Silk and satin are gentler materials and play much nicer with your scalp and your edges. 

Massage Your Edges Frequently

Your edges love to be massaged! It improves the blood circulation and keeps your edges nice and healthy. Better circulation allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach your hair follicles and this will also stimulate hair growth. 

Try to massage your scalp every other week. Use an organic oil that is rich in fatty acids, for example argan oil or castor oil. Massage the oil in your scalp all the way down to your edges with your fingers. Using your fingers is much healthier for your edges than using a brush. The rough bristles of your brush will not do your edges any favours!


Moisturise Your Hair

Keep your hair and those edges moisturised. The hair at your edges is most prone to break when they are dry and brittle. Use a moisturizing conditioner or water even on your hair and pay particular attention to your edges. Seal it all in with an oil, so that your hair can retain the moisture and your edges stay nourished. 

Give Your Hair a Break!

Your scalp and your hair need to breathe every so often. Do not do protective hairstyles like tight braids, wigs and sew-in hair extensions back to back. Give your scalp time and space to breathe. If you do want to do a protective style, it is better to use clip-in extensions for natural hair. You can take these out before you go to bed and give your scalp and your edges the rest they deserve.

Switch-up Your Hair Styles

You probably have a few favourite hairstyles, but it doesn’t hurt to switch it up every once in a while to avoid over stressing your scalp in the same area. It is also a great excuse to show out frequently with a completely new hairdo.  

Stop The Heat

Your edges are the most delicate hair on your scalp and heat styling tools have the ability to completely fry them up. If your edges are thinning stay away from heat. If your edges are healthy stay away from heat. Just stay away from heat periodt, when it comes to your edges. If you really can’t live without smooth edges? Use a good edge control with a toothbrush instead.