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5 Hacks to Blend Short Natural Hair With Natural Hair Clip-Ins

Girl With Curly Hair

Did you just do a big chop or do you have naturally short hair and wonder if you can make clip-in extensions for natural hair work? We got 5 hacks for you so that you can rock natural hair clip-ins, even if you have fairly short natural hair.

1. Use multiple sets of natural hair clip-ins

In order to make natural hair clip-ins work for really short natural hair, you need to use at least 2 sets of natural hair clip-ins. You don’t want your shorter length poking out, so you need enough wefts to fully cover up your shorter length.  

natural clip-ins with a short afro

 2. Bobby pin the bottom part of your natural hair away

A really great way to blend your natural hair clip-ins with short hair is to lay down your hair in the back with bobby pins. This way your shorter hair doesn’t get a chance to stand out (literally). Section your hair off at around ear height and braid your natural hair away in a few plaits. Then pin your hair down to the nape of your neck with a few bobby pins. From here you will start with your first weft of clip-ins.


natural hair clip-ins with short hair

3. Mix lengths for added volume

Another great hack for blending natural hair extensions with short natural hair is using different lengths extensions. If you combine two different lengths, like 12 inch and 16 inch or 16 inch and 20 inch you can create a bigger sense of density and volume. Added bonus is, you won’t be able to spot your shorter hair between the natural clip-in extensions so easily. 

short kinky hair style

4. Tease your roots for more grip

If you have looser curls, you might need a bit more grip at your roots. Take a fine comb and tease your roots, by combing your hair in a backward motion. Your roots will become a bit more frizzy and this will give the natural clip-ins a better grip to your hair. 


5. Do a braid out or a twist-out

Braid-out or twist out your own hair together with your natural hair clip-ins. The best way to go about this is to first wash your natural hair and the clip-ins. Install the clip-ins in your hair and braid or twist your hair together with the clip-ins. Let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer on low heat to speed up the process a bit. Untie and no one will be able to see where your natural hair starts nor ends!

What did you think of these 5 hacks? Do you have any other hacks that work really well for you blending your natural short hair with clip-in extensions? Let us know in the comments!